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Shop Surprise for Business
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Shop Surprise

(Program Re-launch is Nov. 15, 2017) 

What Businesses Need to Know


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What is Shop Surprise

Shop Surprise is a “Buy local" or “Shop Local” campaign of the Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce. The program designed to educate consumers about the economic and social advantages that local businesses bring to a community. The Shop Surprise campaign, is the first of its kind in the nation for Chambers, and has been the recipient of international, national and regional awards. The program is made possible by a grant from the City of Surprise. 


The Goal of Shop Local

The goal of the campaign is to create a thriving local economy by maximizing the potential of local businesses and increasing their market share relative to non-local businesses. A non-local business is any business outside the city limits of Surprise. 


How Shop Surprise Helps the Community

·        Supports a thriving local economy

·        Creates more jobs

·        Using CTE student interns in your business improves our local workforce

·        Local taxes generate support local services like police, fire, and recreational services

·        A vibrate local business community attracts more businesses

·        A thriving business community can better support local charities

·        A healthy business community improves the overall quality of life of residents


How Does Shop Surprise Work?

Shop Surprise is promotional campaign that uses electronic media to encourage residents to buy local. The program utilizes various digital promotional elements including the Internet, websites, social media platforms like Facebook and twitter. The notable feature of the program is the use of digital text messages (deals) that are sent to a person’s mobile phone. Local businesses submit special offers (deals) to the Chamber. Those deals that meet certain criteria are then broadcast to Shop Surprise customers.



Why Digital Text Messages?

The Chamber selected SMS messages (text messaging), because it is without question one of the most effective forms of marketing available today. Today texting is the most common form of communication in the U.S. among mobile phone users.  Consider that 98% of all sent text messages are read, and on average they are read within 4 minutes of being received, it is easy to see the effectiveness of SMS marketing. Unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, with SMS marketing has the ability to affect and impact a business, not within days or weeks, but literally within minutes or hours. All Shop Surprise customers have voluntarily opted-in to receive deals! 


Try it!

  1. From you smart phone, open your Text Messaging app. 
  2. Select COMPOSE to create a text message.
  3. In the RECIPIENT field enter the phone number 85100.
  4. In the ENTER MESSAGE field type the word "ShopSurprise" (one word, no spaces, no quotation marks).
  5. Press the SEND key.
  6. You will receive a text message back. Reply to the message with the word YES
  7. Congratulations your now a member of the Shop Surprise Community 



How Does the Chamber Get Shop Surprise Customers?

The Chamber is one of the most respected and trusted brands in US. The Chamber, because of its unique position in the community, can mobilize businesses, local government and community groups to create a city-wide movement. Another element of promoting the campaign is an old-fashioned boots-on-ground campaign. One hundred volunteers distribute over 150,000 flyers to local businesses. Businesses in-turn distribute the flyers to customers and employees.  Residents using their smart phone messaging app, text the word: "ShopSurprise" (one word,no spaces) to 85100.  


How Much Does it Cost:  

There is no cost to a business or the consumer to participate. The program is made possible by grant from the City of Surprise. However, the Chamber receives more deal requests than there are openings, so process is somewhat competitive. Deals that offer value, timeliness and exclusivity receive preferential consideration. Because Shop Surprise is also a business retention and expansion program, special consideration is afforded to specific business sectors and new business start-ups. The Chamber must carefully manage the types and variety of deals in order reduce opt-out rates, and to ensure the highest possible enrollment rates, which means better results for the business community.  




Premium users and sponsors may select specific dates, including weekends and holidays. Please use the premium deal order form for more options including social media promotions.

Making Your Deal a "Loss Leader"  

What is a Loss Leader? A loss leader is a product or service at a price that is not profitable but is sold or offered in order to attract new customers or to sell additional products and services to those customers. This is a common practice when a business first enters a market or desires new customers. Essentially, a loss leader introduces new customers to a service or product in the hope of building a customer base and securing future recurring revenue. The Chamber recommend business adopt a loss leader pricing strategy to attract Shop Surprise customers 

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