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Facebook Marketing Services
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Facebook and Blogging Marketing Services


Facebook/blogging requests are rapidly growing, and businesses quickly realize the influence that social media has with niche audiences.


We offer a variety of sponsored posts

·         Advertising

·         Brand Positioning

·         Giveaways

·         Contests

·         New Business Ribbon Cutting

·         Grand Openings

·         Ground Breakings  



FREE for a New Businesses that Joins the Chamber!

Receive one free ribbon cutting blog/Facebook post. Simply send a digital picture and a  25-word description to the Chamber for posting. This is a $250 value!



Custom Marketing Services and Cost Calculations


The Chamber can create a custom social media campaign for your business! Custom quotes are based on two factors (Staff Time and Advertising Impressions)


Staff Costs ( Minimum base fee $250)

Number of hours spent creating/writing the post/contest x  hourly rate ( $50) + Number of specialist hours spent styling and photography x hourly rate ($100) = base charge.


Staff Time includes;

·         Consultation time deciding on format and type of activity

·         Emailing back and forth with the brand to arrange the post – 30 minutes

·         Researching writing the post – 2 hours

·         Sourcing suitable images and editing them  – 1 hour

·         Final edit, posting the post and promoting on social media – 30 minutes

·         Total time spent on the post – 4 hours



Advertising Impression Calculations:

Next, we figure out how much your sponsored posts are worth as far as the coverage they provide to the brands you work with.


Minimum Sponsored post cost (as above) + (Average number of comments per post x $5) + (Average number of views per post x $1.50) + (Average number of Social Media shares per post x $5)

= Total value of your sponsored posts.


For example:  $250 + (20 x $5) + (500 x $1.50) + (10 x $5) = $1150 per Sponsored post