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Chamber UP

The Next Gen Way of Belonging and Connecting 

The nature of belonging  and gathering is rapidly changing today, and Chambers need to be pro-active in connecting people. The Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce is one of the first organizations to have e-groups, which are formed around shared interests or common goals. This allows members to engage a variety of engaged stakeholders in issues, causes or activities that interest them. The groups are free to join, and relate to public policy, business growth and other niche interest areas. meeting attendance is never required, and group members may share messages, forums and posts and more. The Chamber is building the groups in 2017, and will fully implement Chamber UP in 2018. Sign up today!  

Instructions: Log into YourMemebrship (our member website), and select the Group option on the top menu bar. The top bar also contains tabs for My Feed, My Profile, Directory, and Messages. Once you select the Group tab, there will be a box called "Available Groups".  Select the "+ Join Group" to see all the available groups you may join based on your interests. You will then be asked to confirm your selection. 


 Our groups are called Chamber UP and it is the next generation of connecting and belonging! Chamber UP is an online connecting portal that facilitates on-line peer-to-peer networking and allows members to join groups that share a common interest. Some of the groups may have meetings or events, but attendance is never required. Chamber UP allows businesses the opportunity to find and join groups unified by a common interest, such as veterans, women only groups, minority owned businesses, groups just for those interested political/legislative activities. There is even a group for people who like to like social networking events like mixers, ribbon cuttings and lunch mobs! Users may contact Chamber UP group members through a messaging platform and post comments, share ideas and much more. 

The Chamber UP groups are designed to be “peer-to-peer” groups who “share a common interests.” They are not intended to be “shark-to-prey” environment and members who use the group with the primary intention of selling a product or service will have their access denied. Businesses wishing to sell a product or service should consider other Chamber programs and activities.

Chamber UP is Surprise Regional Chamber Program Signature Program, which redefines and enhances the nature of belonging and connecting, like only a Chamber can!  

All Chamber UP groups must fulfill three basic requirements:

1. Be Community Focused and Support the Mission of the Chamber:
Chamber UP groups are expected to create and stimulate communications in the business community. Group organizers are encouraged to also provided opportunities for all businesses to participate in Chamber UP and connect with each other. Group organizers should actively recruit participates. Community members have opted-in for a specific group with a specific purpose and therefore should not be solicited or contacted regarding non-chamber events and activities.

2. Participation is Voluntary and Attending Functions is Not Required:
Organizers must understand the primary purpose of belonging to a Chamber UP community means sharing a purpose, goal, interest or identity. Attending functions is never a requirement, and the organizer should communicate this clearly and never guilt a community members into attending functions. The number one reason Chambers members do not renew paid memberships is they don’t have time to attend events. This is precisely why groups are all about “belonging” not attending events.  

3. Provide an Option to Meet in Real Life
While attendance to group functions is never required, there is a real value in meeting face-to-face, and building long-term and meaningful relationships. Each organizer is encouraged to plan functions to engage in face-to-face interactions, for the group members who would like face time. This could be events, seminars, forums, workshops, lunch gatherings, general meetings, etc. Group leaders should also encourage community members to help with Chamber projects. Chamber UP members are also a great resource to serve on planning committees.