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After 5 Mixers
Chamber Mixer After 5 Mixers
The Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Mixers provide an opportunity for members to make connections with one another. Members of the Chamber voluntarily host these events. Mixers are a great way to expose your company to the business community.


Check our calendar of events for upcoming events, or if you would like to host a mixer see the information and request form below. 


Seven Things You Need to Know About Mixers: 

  1. Generally, the Chamber does not charge its members or guests to attend
  2. All Chamber members and their guests, as well as anyone interested in learning more about the benefits of Chamber membership, are welcome to attend. 
  3. Hosting a Mixer is ideal for businesses that have a good entertaining space and can cater to large crowds, such as hotels and restaurants. It allows these types of businesses to showcase their property to the membership as a potential event venue while providing a comfortable and exciting mixer experience for other attending Chamber members. 
  4. Several factors can affect the attendance of a mixer including the venue, food being served/expected, weather, conflicting events and location. On average, attendance ranges between 15 and 75 people, but the Chamber can not guarantee attendance numbers. The Chamber will accept RSVPs to help with planning, and will provide updates to the host upon request.
  5. Mixers begin at 5:00 p.m. and conclude at 6:30 p.m. They typically occur on Thursday. 
  6. Mixers are a networking program of the Chamber of Commerce. Mixers are intended to build relationships within the businesses community and the host. Mixers are not opportunity to sell products and services to members. 

Please note the following suggestions and guidelines when considering hosting a Surprise Regional Chamber Business Mixer.

Host Requirements:
  • Space to accommodate 50 - 100 guests
  • Adequate/safe parking for guests 
  • Hot & Cold Appetizers
  • Beverage service (as described below)
  • As host, you will provide a table and 2 chairs for Chamber Diplomats to welcome and check in your guests at the entrance of your Mixer location. 
  • We recommend that you provide two to three door prizes that will delight your winning guests. The drawing for the door prizes will be held at approximately 6:00 p.m. At that time Chamber leadership will introduce you to the attendees and you may introduce any of your partners, or employees, and if desired, acknowledge vendors or others who have helped create the event. Door prize winners will be determined by a drawing from the business cards collected at time of entry. 
  • The Host firm is encouraged to invite their own customers and friends to attend their Chamber Mixer and these guests do not need to be members of the Chamber. 
  • The host member has an opportunity to make a brief presentation.
Requirement Details Space: 
  • The mixer space should allow guests to sit and/or stand comfortably; seating for all guests is NOT required. 
  • Parking: Parking should be conveniently located if not adjacent to the venue. If valet parking is required, any charges associated with such service must be waived. 
  • Food: Food choice is at the discretion of the host. However, it should be noted that guests may assess the host venue based upon the food served. 
  • Beverage Service: A cash bar is OK, and encouraged. For licensed locations specific drink specials or happy hour pricing should be available for guests through the mixer period. The host may choose to provide each guest with a complimentary drink. In this case guests will be given a drink ticket to redeem for their first drink. The price for additional drinks, if not also complimentary, are at the discretion of the host. Host may limit the redeemable items to a specific or choice of drinks (i.e. domestic beer, house wine, etc.). The host will not be reimbursed for tickets redeemed. 
  • For locations without a liquor license it is recommended that you offer guests a (limited) choice of beer, wine and bottled water. 
Chamber Diplomats Will: 
  • The Diplomat  in charge will contact the host a week prior to the Mixer to confirm details. 
  • The Diplomat in charge will arrive at 4:45 p.m. to meet you, place two “Chamber Event” A-frame signs outside your location to help guests find you, and set up the check-in table. 
  • Chamber Diplomats will welcome your guests, collect business cards, and issue name tags from 4:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 
  • Sometime during the event the attendees will be allowed to give a 30 second commercial about their business. Turning up the lights or turning down music during this time is appreciated.  
Chamber Staff Will: 
  • Our Staff will provide you name tags, pens, etc. 
  • Our Staff will include announcement of the event on the Chamber’s official calendar, and in our email newsletter. 
  • Chamber Staff will work with you to make your Chamber Mixer a great SUCCESS! 

A Few Word About Alcohol:

  • Drinking, or eating is not the main focus of any Chamber event. Mixer events are about networking.
  •  A cash bar is OK and encouraged (vs. free alcohol) 
  •  Always serve food, such as appetizers, from the start of the event so guests are not drinking on an empty stomach
  • Offer a variety of interesting, non-alcoholic beverages, to remove the emphasis from alcohol
  •  Consider serving just beer and wine, no liquor
  •  If alcohol is free, limit the number of drinks by using drink tickets or another informal method of tracking the amount of alcohol served
  •  Use trained bartenders to serve alcohol.
  • Contact a Chamber employee or Diplomat,  if a guest requires transportation home (by taxi or ride-sharing service) 




Sponsoring a monthly networking mixer with the Chamber is an excellent opportunity to showcase your business, meet prospective clients, and build relationships with business people from small, mid-size, and large companies.