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Chamber Mixer Mixers
Businesses in the Chamber often host mixer events. Mixers provide an opportunity to make community connections and for the host to expose their company to the business community.  Members of the Chamber voluntarily host these events.
USE the form below to submit your mixer event to the Chamber.

 Click Here for Tips on Attending Your First Mixer

What are the Benefits of Holding a Mixer?
  • Introduce the public to your business
  • Familiarize the public with your product/services
  • Familiarize the public with your physical location
  • Begin building a customer base
  • Generate leads and sales from attendees
  • Cultivate your existing customers and VIP's
How to Super-Charge Your Attendance:

Prepare your guest list. Create both and A list and B list. The A list are guests that you have a personal relationship with. These A list persons should be personally contacted by the owner or employees.   

  • customers 
  • neighboring businesses
  • employees and their families  
  • elected officials/council members/mayor 
  • landlord and building tenants 
  • inform your Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media contacts 
  • post the event on your website  
  • invite contacts in your phone, Outlook, etc. 
  • distribute flyers and invitations to your customers, donors and clients

Special Considerations and Best Practices for Planning Your Next Mixer. Please remember this is your event, so always do what is best for you! 
  • Hosting a Mixer is ideal for businesses that have a good entertaining space and can cater to large crowds. It allows businesses to showcase their property or business while providing a comfortable and exciting experience. 
  • Recommended mixers times begin at 5:00 p.m. and conclude at 6:30 p.m. They typically occur on Tuesday, Wednesdays or Thursday. 
  • Mixers are intended to build relationships within the businesses community and your customers or clients. Mixers are typically not opportunity to sell products and services to members or the public. 
  • Provide two to three door prizes that will delight your winning guests. The drawing for the door prizes can be determined by a drawing from the business cards collected at time of entry. A brass plated raffle drum is available from the Chamber. 
  • Several factors can affect the attendance of a mixer including the venue, food being served/expected, weather, conflicting events and location. 
  • The host member should consider making a brief presentation.
  • The mixer space should allow guests to sit and/or stand comfortably; seating for all guests is NOT required. 
  • Parking should be conveniently located if not adjacent to the venue. If valet parking is required, any charges associated with such service should be waived. 
  • Food choice is at the discretion of the host. However, it should be noted that guests may assess the host venue based upon the food served. 
  • Beverage Service: Do want you are comfortable doing. Alcohol is not required. A cash bar is acceptable. For licensed locations specific drink specials or happy hour pricing should be available for guests through the mixer period. The host may choose to provide each guest with a complimentary drink. In this case guests will be given a drink ticket to redeem for their first drink. The price for additional drinks, if not also complimentary, are at the discretion of the host. Host may limit the redeemable items to a specific or choice of drinks (i.e. domestic beer, house wine, etc.). The host will not be reimbursed for tickets redeemed. 
  • For locations without a liquor license it is recommended that you offer guests a (limited) choice of beer, wine and bottled water. 
  • Sometime during the event the host may want to allow the guests to make self introductions or give a 30 second commercial about their business. This is at your discretion, and may depend on the number of guests in attendance. Turning up the lights or turning down music during this time is appreciated. 

A Few Word About Alcohol:

  • Drinking or eating is not the main focus of any mixer. Mixer events are about networking with your customers, members, your vendors, and VIP clients.  
  • Always serve food, such as appetizers, from the start of the event so guests are not drinking on an empty stomach
  • Offer a variety of interesting, non-alcoholic beverages, to remove the emphasis from alcohol
  • Consider serving just beer and wine, no liquor
  • If alcohol is free, limit the number of drinks by using drink tickets or another informal method of tracking the amount of alcohol served
  • Use trained bartenders to serve alcohol.
  • Have a plan if a guest requires transportation home (by taxi or ride-sharing service)


What You Need to Know About Mixers and the Chamber: Mixers are planned by the company hosting the event. The Chamber assume no liability for the event, attendance, etc. 
The Chamber does not have a liquor license. Attendance depends on the date, time, location, weather, type of business and other competing events. The Chamber cannot provide a certificate of insurance, so please check with your insurance carrier if you desire an insurance rider for the event. 

  • IMPORTANT: If you are using a banner or flag, City Permits or Landlord Approval may be required. 
  • If you are borrowing equipment, please pick it up and return on the same day. Some items are in high demand
  • The Chamber does not provide food or event planning services
  • The Chamber does not guarantee attendance or media coverage for events
  • Attendance at your event by Chamber members varies greatly depending on types of business, date, time, location, food offerings, etc.
  • Chamber equipment, calendar listing, e-newsletter listing is for members only
  • Please review the Chamber's tip sheet for planning a successful event. You are strongly recommended to market your event to customers, vendors, friends, business associates, etc.  
  • Shop Surprise: The program is only available to Surprise businesses, through a generous contribution from the City of Surprise. The Chamber recommends a new business create a "Loss Leader" coupon.  A loss leader is a product or service at a price that is not profitable but is sold or offered in order to attract new customers or to sell additional products and services to those customers. This is a common practice when a business first enters a market. Essentially, a loss leader introduces new customers to a service or product in the hope of building a customer base and securing future recurring revenue.
  • You will be contacted by a Chamber representative to confirm the details of your event