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Internships for Businesses
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Workforce Development: Student Interns  

A strong skilled workforce is key to building a strong and local community. That's why the Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce is working to ensure our future workforce is trained and qualified by supporting high school internship programs.

The Chamber is a proud promotional sponsor of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in the Dysart Unified School District. The program prepares students to enter the workforce with the academic and vocational skills needed to compete successfully in the job market. CTE programs are the backbone of a strong, well-educated workforce, which fosters productivity in business and industry and contributes to the Northwest Valley's leadership in the marketplace. CTE students achieve academic excellence through authentic, hands-on, career-focused learning. 

Benefits for the mentor/employer:

  • Helps create a pool of skilled and motivated potential employees.
  • Improves employee retention.
  • Reduces training and recruiting costs.
  • Enables companies to develop new projects with student assistance.
  • Encourages involvement in the curriculum development process.
  • Provides development opportunities for current workforce.
  • Offers opportunities to provide community service.

Benefits for the CTE Internship Student:

  • Students receive high school credit for their work experience.
  • Students empowered with a relevant foundation for chosen career field.
  • Industry-trained and prepared employee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are the internships paid or unpaid?

Most of our internships start and finish as unpaid experiences. However, we have had many internships continue the partnerships as a paid experience. 

2. Does the intern have insurance?  

Yes. Because the student is enrolled in a CTE course within your business sector, they have public liability insurance and worker’s compensation.  

3. Does the CTE teacher visit and monitor the intern?  

Yes. The CTE teacher will schedule a visit, and will also be a phone call or email away.